Offshore Wind Supply Chain Diversification and Attraction

This report was prepared with stakeholder interviews as part of the Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap process and expands on the findings of the Maine Offshore Wind (OSW) Supply Chain Opportunity Assessment – Part I. In particular, the report identifies strategies to support existing Maine OSW supply chain companies, encourage diversification, support new business development, and attract OSW companies to Maine. …

Maine Offshore Wind Supply Chain Assessment

A new report by XODUS Group for the Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap assessed Maine’s offshore wind supply chain opportunity on a regional, national, and global scale. The assessment identifies specific opportunities for Maine and categorizes recommendations to improve Maine’s supply chain based on effort and impact.

Maine Offshore Wind Talent Analysis Leave a Comment

This Offshore Wind (OSW) Talent Analysis provides data-driven conclusions and recommendations to the Supply Chain, Workforce Development, Ports, and Marine Transportation Working Group, with a particular focus on the job creation potential and workforce needs of the sector.

Offshore Wind Transmission Technical Review – Initial Report Leave a Comment

This offshore wind transmission technical review initial report aims to inform the Roadmap by assessing various options for development of grid integration, including policy options, such as coordinated onshore and offshore transmission infrastructure. This includes an analysis of offshore and onshore transmission technology and design options, identification of opportunities for cost-effective, strategic approaches (including regional coordination) to develop necessary transmission …

State of the Offshore Wind Industry: Today through 2050

Autumn Lane Leave a Comment

This technical report produced with stakeholder input through the Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap provides a baseline of trends in the offshore wind industry and information on the growing competitiveness of deep-water turbines. It reviews market trends including technology development, cost projections, research and development progress and opportunities, and emerging innovations.