Technical Studies

The Roadmap Working Groups are comprised of Maine experts who are drafting recommendations to be incorporated in the comprehensive Roadmap. To further inform the Working Groups as they refine these recommendations, the Governor’s Energy Office has contracted (through a public, competitive RFP process) with highly qualified and globally experienced technical consultants to provide additional data and qualitative information. The draft recommendations will evolve as the consultants’ reports are developing and the Roadmap participants consider all the information before them.

Maine Offshore Wind Talent Analysis

This Offshore Wind (OSW) Talent Analysis provides data-driven conclusions and recommendations to the Supply Chain, Workforce Development, Ports, and Marine Transportation Working Group, with a particular focus on the job…


Offshore Wind Transmission Technical Review – Initial Report

This offshore wind transmission technical review initial report aims to inform the Roadmap by assessing various options for development of grid integration, including policy options, such as coordinated onshore and…


State of the Offshore Wind Industry: Today through 2050

This technical report produced with stakeholder input through the Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap provides a baseline of trends in the offshore wind industry and information on the growing competitiveness of…



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