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Maine is already more than halfway toward reaching its goal of 30,000 clean energy jobs by 2030. Many of those jobs will be created and sustained by the growing offshore wind industry, providing career growth opportunities for countless Maine workers with transferable skills. The Maine Clean Energy Jobs Network is connecting those workers with clean energy employers in growing sectors like offshore wind, and Maine’s offshore wind supply chain opportunities are growing Maine’s clean energy economy.

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Clean energy employers can now connect directly with Maine’s skilled workforce. The Maine Clean Energy Jobs Network is the first recruiting tool designed for Maine’s clean energy businesses and workers. Employers can use the website to post jobs, recruit skilled candidates, find training resources, and grow their clean energy business in Maine. Workers can use the same site to find jobs and training programs in clean energy sectors like offshore wind.


Maine’s clean energy economy is growing.
Maine has the fastest-growing clean energy economy — as measured by new job creation — of any New England State. With over 15,000 jobs and counting, clean energy is powering the local economy, stabilizing electricity costs for Maine people, and fighting climate change.

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maine offshore wind supply chain

Maine joined the Federal-State Offshore Wind Implementation Partnership to advance responsible offshore wind. The partnership has a working group focused on key factors to advance the domestic offshore wind supply chain, ports, and workforce. In September 2023, Maine signed a Memorandum of Understanding with four Federal agencies (U.S. Departments of Interior, Commerce, Energy, and Transportation) and eight other east coast states (CT, MA, NH, RI, MD, NJ, NY, and NC) to commit to regionally coordinated domestic offshore wind supply chain development. Maine is advancing partnerships with the participating northeast states.

The offshore wind supply chain will involve a range of companies of all sizes to deliver products and services for offshore wind projects during every phase of project development. These phases generally include siting and development, manufacturing, construction and installation, and operations and maintenance. Companies in Maine, with Maine-based employees, or considering being located in Maine that are interested in supplying components and services to offshore wind projects throughout the U.S. should contact the Maine International Trade Center.

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