Maine is well positioned to deliver clean, reliable offshore wind power to the region. With a rich maritime heritage and skilled workforce, a new purpose-built offshore wind port in the works, and a legacy of innovation and groundbreaking research, Maine is ready to seize the opportunity to build responsible offshore wind here.

With an abundant wind resource off Maine’s shores, a growing demand for renewable energy sources to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and fight climate change, an enterprising citizenry with maritime experience, and an innovative research environment with more than a decade of experience with floating offshore wind, Maine is an ideal place to responsibly develop an offshore wind industry.

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Offshore wind is an opportunity for Maine to:
  • Fight climate
  • Harness
    renewable energy
  • Create jobs &
    economic growth
  • Sustain Maine’s
    maritime heritage

the maine offshore wind roadmap

Maine is working to implement the steps outlined in the Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap, a stakeholder-driven initiative developed over the course of 18 months that outlines a pathway to achieving responsible development of offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine.

With the Roadmap, Maine is taking important policy steps to secure this renewable resource to meet the energy needs of the State and region, including a law to procure 3,000 MW of offshore wind energy by 2040. See the progress made so far and the work that lies ahead.

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World class port location

Maine is investing in a new purpose-built port in Searsport for offshore wind fabrication, staging, assembly, maintenance, and deployment. With deepwater access to the port development site, Maine has the potential to establish a premier location for the industry and help meet growing demand in the U.S. for offshore wind port infrastructure.

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cutting edge research

Maine has led research and development into floating offshore wind for more than a decade.  The state is also pursuing federal approval for the Gulf of Maine Floating Offshore Wind Research Array, the first project of its kind in the United States. The research array will advance new research opportunities in floating offshore wind, including opportunities and challenges in the marine environment, avoiding and minimizing ecosystem and fishery impacts, and assessing methods to reduce costs of floating offshore wind energy.

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jobs and economic growth

Clean energy jobs in Maine have surpassed 15,000, growing faster than any other New England state. With world-class research facilities, supply chain companies, a strong workforce with needed skills, and a deepwater port in development, Maine is ready to build and service offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine and beyond.

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sustain maine’s maritime heritage

Through the Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap, Maine’s responsible approach to offshore wind emphasizes understanding and avoiding adverse effects from offshore wind on Maine’s coastal economy, especially the fishing community. By excluding State waters from offshore wind development, protecting prime fishing and lobstering grounds, and working in partnership with scientists, fishermen, and industry experts on research and discovery through the Maine Offshore Wind Research Consortium, Maine is advancing its opportunity with offshore wind in balance with communities, industries, and coastal livelihoods.

Maine Offshore Wind Research Consortium


Governor Mills Announces Sears Island as Preferred Site for Port to Support Floating Offshore Wind

Governor Mills Announces Sears Island as Preferred Site for Port to Support Floating Offshore Wind

Purpose-built port facility will establish Maine’s place in growing offshore wind industry, become hub for job creation and economic development…

Mills Administration Releases Comprehensive Plan to Responsibly Advance Offshore Wind in Maine

The Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap outlines strategies for Maine to benefit from offshore wind, while preserving Gulf of Maine communities,…