The gulf of Maine with a light house in the distance
The gulf of Maine with a light house in the distance
Maine Offshore Wind Initiative

Maine is uniquely positioned to be a global leader in offshore wind, delivering clean energy and good jobs to our state. The Maine Offshore Wind Initiative, led by the Governor’s Energy Office, is dedicated to responsible growth of this industry through strategic planning, research, and coordination with groups from Maine, the nation, and world.

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Offshore Wind Experts Selected to Support Research Consortium

As part of Maine’s commitment to responsibly pursue offshore wind, LD 1619 -- passed with bipartisan support by the Legislature …

Gulf of Maine Mapping Project Underway

As part of the Maine Offshore Wind Roadmap, the Governor’s Energy Office, Maine Department of Marine Resources, Maine Department of…

Waves splashing on Maine's rocky coast
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The Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99% of the world’s oceans

Temperatures in Maine were among the highest ever recorded in 2020

Offshore wind would diversify Maine’s energy sources to reduce fossil fuel emissions

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Maine people spend more than $4.4 billion annually to import fossil fuels

The Gulf of Maine has among the highest sustained wind speeds in the world

The Gulf’s energy potential would help Maine meet its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2050

An abundant supply of clean energy would help power Maine’s transition from fossil fuels

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With new federal and state energy targets and advancing technology, offshore wind is estimated to become a multi-billion industry by the end of the decade

Job growth is emerging in skilled trades, marine sciences, manufacturing, engineering, surveying and shipbuilding

Maine has the record of research and innovation, the public-private partnerships, and the deep-water ports to grow this industry

Image: University of Maine

Maine harbor with lobster boats
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Sustain Maine's Maritime Heritage

Work together to minimize impacts on fishing and responsibly advance offshore wind

Grow a vibrant economy that respects and invests in Maine’s marine industries and communities

Protect and preserve Maine's ocean environment through rigorous research and scientific partnerships