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Maine Is Committed To Offshore Wind

State’s Commitment To Electrification, Clean Energy, And Offshore Wind

The Governor’s Office supports clean energy to help the entire state meet its aggressive climate and economic development goals. Through Maine’s Climate Action Plan and the Maine Offshore Wind Initiative, the state is pursuing electrification, efficiency, and renewable energy initiatives. Learn more at The Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and The Governor’s Energy Office.

State’s Commitment To Economic Development

New Broadband Investments In Maine

Maine’s dedication to broadband access will enable access to the global economy and ensure connectivity for families, innovators, and entrepreneurs no matter where they are in the Pine Tree State. Access to fast, reliable broadband is crucial to the success of Maine’s economy and Maine’s community. As laid out in the ConnectME action plan, the state plans to invest $200million by 2025 to ensure that 95% of the state has access to reliable broadband. Pending legislation, with bipartisan support, would invest up to an additional $129million from the American Rescue Act to ensure the success of broadband infrastructure moving forward.

Maine's Access To Capital

To support innovative projects in Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies, the Maine Technology Institute can offer up to $100,000 in grant funding and up to $500,000 in patient, low-cost debt. MTI offers grants, loans, equity investments, and services to support Maine’s innovation economy. MTI focuses its investments on seven targeted sectors, including environmental technology, precision manufacturing, forest products & agriculture, information technology, marine technology &aquaculture, precision manufacturing, biotechnology, and composites & advanced materials.

The Maine Clean Energy Innovation Challenge: In recognition of Maine’s growing clean energy sector, and the state’s ambitious clean energy and climate goals, the MTI Board has allocated $500,000 in grant funding to accelerate at least two innovative proposals aimed at developing advanced clean energy technologies or services.

Additionally, the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) can offer up to $500,000 in low cost debt and if the project exhibits substantial public benefit, a larger amount may be available, with 5 year term and a lower interest rate depending on the project.